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Coral bleaching impacts from back-to-back 2015–2016 thermal anomalies in the remote central Indian Ocean Head Catherine , Rowlands Gwilym , Roche Ronan , Tickler David , Rogers Alex , Koldewey Heather , Turner John , Andradi-Brown Dominic , Bayley Daniel .
Eradicating black rats from the Chagos – working towards the whole archipelago Harper Grant , Carr Pete , Pitman Helen .
The discovery of deep-water seagrass meadows in a pristine Indian Ocean wilderness revealed by tracking green turtles Esteban Nicole .
How numbers of nesting sea turtles can be overestimated by nearly a factor of two Esteban Nicole , Hayes Graeme , Mortimer Jeanne .
Drivers of abundance and spatial distribution of reef-associated sharks in an isolated atoll reef system Tickler David , Koldewey Heather , LeTissier T , Meeuwig Jessica .
Pangaea Chagos Initiative: May 2016 (PCI III) Expedition Meeuwig Jessica .
Male hatchling production in sea turtles from one of the world’s largest marine protected areas, the Chagos Archipelago Esteban Nicole , Hayes Graeme , Mortimer Jeanne , Jacques-Olivier Laloë Jacques-Olivier .
Chagos Archipelago Vava II Expedition Carr Pete , LeTissier T , Esteban Nicole , Head Catherine , Schallert Robert , Nicoll Malcolm .
Chagos Archipelago Pelagic Expedition 2016 LeTissier T , Carr Pete , Schallert Robert .
A half-century of coastline change in Diego Garcia – The largest atoll island in the Chagos Purkis Sam , Gardiner Robert , Johnston Matthew , Sheppard Charles .
Strengthening the world’s largest Marine Protected Area: Chagos Archipelago Turner John , Sheppard Charles , Pothin R .
Sampling mobile oceanic fishes and sharks: implications for fisheries and conservation planning LeTissier T , Meeuwig Jessica , Bouchet Phil .
Living Oceans Foundation Expedition Report 2015 Bruckner Andrew .
Ile Vache Marine Restoration Project Carr Pete , Harper Grant .
High prevalence of obligate coral-dwelling decapods on dead corals in the Chagos Archipelago, central Indian Ocean Head Catherine , Koldewey Heather , Pratchett Morgan , Rogers Alex .
A fish-eye view of the importance of sharks in tropical marine ecosystems II Meeuwig Jessica , Birkmanis Charlotte , Tickler David .
A fish-eye view of the importance of sharks in tropical marine ecosystems I Meeuwig Jessica , Birkmanis Charlotte , Tickler David , Lee Kate , Thompson Chris , Meekan Mark .
Use of Long-Distance Migration Patterns of an Endangered Species to Inform Conservation Planning for the World’s Largest Marine Protected Area Esteban Nicole , Hayes Graeme , Mortimer Jeanne .
The Status of Coral Reef Fish Assemblages in the Chagos Archipelago, with Implications for Protected Area Management and Climate Change Graham Nicholas , Pratchett Morgan , McClanahan Timothy , Wilson Shaun .
Tagging of Pelagics Tickler David , Meeuwig Jessica , Block Barbara , Schallert Robert .
Birds of Chagos Carr Pete .
Herpetofaunal observations on Eagle Island, Middle Brother, North Brother and Diego Garcia, with an overview of previous records in the Chagos Archipelago Cole N .
Marine turtles in the western Indian Ocean Frazier J .
A study of the taxonomy and distribution of hermatypic corals of the chagos archipelago, Indian Ocean
The Birds of the Chagos Group Indian Ocean Bourne W .
Geography and Ecology of Diego Garcia Atoll, Chagos Archipelago Stoddart David , Taylor J .
Notes on Indian Ocean atolls visited by the Yale Seychelles Expedition Kohn A .
Report on a Visit to the Chagos Archipelago Wiehe P .
Scientific reports / John Murray Expedition 1933-34
The John Murray Expedition to the Arabian Sea
The Percy Sladen Expedition in HMS Sealark. The Chagos Archipelago Gardiner Stanley .
The atoll of Diego Garcia and the coral formations of the Indian Ocean Bourne G .
Coral Formations 37 Bourne G .
Coral Formations Bourne G .
Remarks and Observations in a Survey of the Chagos Archipelago
We are the true guardians of the environment’: human-environment relations and debates about the future of the Chagos Archipelago Jeffery L .
Variability of the Intertropical Convergence Zone recorded in coral isotopic records from the central Indian Ocean (Chagos Archipelago) Pfeiffer M , Dullo W , Eisenhauer A .
Utility of the Hadley Centre sea-ice and sea surface temperature data (HadISST1) in two widely contrasting coral reef areas Sheppard Charles , Rayner Nick .
Untitled Moresby R .
Two new gobiid fish species (in Priolepis and Trimma) from the Chagos Archipelago, Central Indian Ocean Winterbottom Richard .
To Build a Link - The Seabees at Diego Garcia Urish D .
Three monthly coral Sr/Ca records from the Chagos Archipelago covering the period of 1950-1995 AD: reproducibility and implications for quantitative reconstructions of sea surface temperature variatio Pfeiffer M , Dullo W , Zinke J , Garbe-Schoenberg D .
The visit of RFA Reliant to the Chagos Archipelago Curtis W .
The tidal regimes of three Indian Ocean atolls and some ecological implications Pugh D , Rayner R .
The Surveys of the Indian Navy Moresby R , Elwon T .
The subtidal distribution of macroalgae on the coral reefs of the Chagos Archipelago: a preliminary study Jolliffe A , Basson P .
The status of commercially important reef fishes of the Chagos Archipelago Spalding Mark .
The Shoals of Capricorn Ommanney F .
The sensitivity of the Seychelles-Chagos thermocline ridge to large-scale wind anomalies Hermes J , Reason C .
The Sea Shores of Chagos Sheppard Charles .

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