Name Authors
049 Resilience of Chagos’ coral reefs
047 Chagos awash in beach debris
046 High Definition Imaging as a reef monitoring tool
045 Three dimensional reconstruction of Chagos reefs from satellite Purkis Sam .
042 Spur and grooves, and the algal ridge.
040 Sea level change and shore erosion
039 Reef flats
038 Yachts and Chagos
037 Biosecurity
036 Specialisation of fish that feed on coral and their vulnerability to climate change
035 Sea cucumber poaching
033 The impact of climate change on coral reef fish assemblages
028 Soft corals on Chagos reefs
026 The introduction of non-native rats to isolated islands—an ecological disaster
024 New life off Salomon atoll
023 Invasive plant species in Chagos - Dodder
022 Alien species in Chagos centipede Rhysida longipes longipes
021 Molluscs in Chagos
018 Shark poaching in the British Indian Ocean Territory
017 Environmental assessment
016 The pristine waters of the British Indian Ocean Territory
015 Eagle Island restoration project 2006
013 Coral bleaching
012 The Coconut or Robber Crab
011 Sea turtles and their protection in the Chagos islands
010 Coconuts and the Oil Islands
009 Warming sea water and Chagos reefs
008 Longline fishing in the British Indian Ocean Territory
007 The Indian Ocean Dipole
005 The fish aggregation device or FAD
004 New bird records on Diego Garcia
003 Climate Change and the significance of the Chagos archipelago
002 The Conception: a 450-year-old mystery
001 The Chagos Conservation Trust

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