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A threat to coral reefs multiplied? Four species of crown-of-thorns starfish Vogler C , Benzie J , Lessios H , Barber P , Worheide G .
A survey of the tail spine characteristics of stingrays frequenting Indo-Pacific ocean areas between the International Date Line and the Chagos Archipelago-Maldive Islands Schwatrz F .
A survey of tail spine characteristics of stingrays frequenting African, Arabian to Chagos-Maldive Archipelago waters. Schwatrz F .
A summary of the 2001 / 2002 fishing season in the British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipelago) fisheries conservation and management zone Pearce J , Ansell N , Mynard N , Kirkwood G .
A revision of the Trimmatom nanus species complex (Pisces, Gobiidae), with descriptions of three new species and redefinition of Trimmatom Winterbottom Richard .
A revised checklist of the epipelagic and shore fishes of the Chagos Archipelago, central Indian Ocean Winterbottom Richard , Anderson Charles .
A review of the gobiid fish genus Trimma from the Chagos Archipelago, Central Indian-Ocean, with the description of seven new species Winterbottom Richard .
A review of the British Indian Ocean Territory Fisheries and Conservation Management Zone tuna fishery 1991-1995 Pala C .
A review 1997 BIOT inshore fishery and management strategy. Background paper . FCO. BIOT Administration. Marine Resources Assessment Group Mees C , Pilling G , Barry C .
A response from the Chagos Conservation Trust to Laura Jeffery Reply Jeffery L .
A response from the Chagos Conservation Trust to Laura Jeffery Hughes S .
A report on the Joint Services Expedition to Danger Island in the central Indian Ocean, December 1974 to April 1975. Baldwin E .
A Preliminary list of insects of Diego Garcia Atoll, Chagos Archipelago Indian Ocean Hutson A .
A preliminary account of the shallow-water echinoderms of Rodrigues, Mauritius, western Indian Ocean Rowe F , Richmond Matthew .
A new labrid fish of the genus Cirrhilabrus from the Chagos Archipelago Indian Ocean Randall J , Emery Alan .
A new genus and two new species of Gobiid fishes (Perciformes) from the Chagos Archipelago, Central Indian-Ocean Winterbottom Richard , Emery Alan .
A geospatial appraisal of ecological and geomorphic change on Diego Garcia Atoll, Chagos Islands (British Indian Ocean Territory) Hamylton Sarah , East Holly .
A dying paradise Emery Alan , Winterbottom Richard .
A diffuse plate boundary model for Indian Ocean tectonics Wiens D , Demets C , Gordon R , Stein S , Argus D .
40Ar/39Ar geochronology of basement rocks from the Mascarene Plateau, the Chagos Bank and the Maldives Ridge Duncan R , Hargraves R .
Some fungi of Indian Ocean islands Watling R , Seaward Mark .
Birds on the Chagos Bank Hirons M , Bellamy David , Sheppard Charles .

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